Founder of Regenerative Leadership Institute

Do you know what is permaculture? Vladislav Davidzon is many things, and explaining what he done and what he accomplished in this short article would be a waste of time, so I will mention few things he was involved with.

His greatest feat was a launching of a Regenerative Leadership Institute, which was permaculture design school and a school for sustainable living among other things. Main focus of this school was education in these two and many more aspects of permaculture. Nature immersion programs and out-door courses are just some of the activities Regenerative Leadership Institute is involved in.

H5JRnDLFU7GyWLmAyOtTqTl72eJkfbmt4t8yenImKBVvK0kTmF0xjctABnaLJIm9Regenerative Leadership Institute is one of three major things  as the man itself said he is involved in. The second one is urban sustainability. He is a citizen of San Francisco and he knows from first hand how it is to live in a city made of concrete. In many of his works you can find tips and advices how to change your backyard in a sustainable permaculture system that will provide you with a healthy and cheap food.

Common Circle Expeditions is another organization that Vladislav Davidzon founded. It is focused on taking groups of people on bicycle expeditions around more rural areas. This is used to promote and observe communities that are already working on permaculture systems. And it promotes healthier way of transportation for people that are interested  in it. And biking can be only better if you are biking through nature.

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He was also a part of few other businesses that I feel should be mentioned.

First is his very first business adventure. It was in high school part of his life.  He had few of those adventures which gave him important experience that will reflect itself in all of his future projects.

3514336403_c0809df83bThink host inc. was his first venture in business and it is a progressive hosting service website. An important thing is it is powered by only renewable energy sources.  This company paid itself after just a month after launch and it went on to become a leader in its own field. Later Vladislav Davidzon sold this enterprise to a buyer that he decided would uphold to principles on which he started it, trust, integrity and honesty.

He is still a member of Common Circle Expeditions but other responsibilities are taking his time so he is less involved than he was at the beginning.

In his life due to path he chose he met many of now his peers that strive towards same goals he is. Among many others I should mention Bill Mollison, a man that founded Permaculture, Marshall Rosenberg founder of Non Vilent communication.

He is only slightly involved in organizations he founded and he uses his free time, when he gets tired of writing to go biking and hiking. Looking at life and adventures this man went through a question pops up in many heads. That question is about what next he will do. With a success of all of his creations, what next will he venture in. We know it will be something focused on permaculture and sustainability, but exactly what we can only guess.